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CD Wave was designed to aid in tracking CD audio discs. CD Wave is simply the easiest way for Windows users to track CD audio discs because it automatically splits each track on sector boundaries. It also does a very nice job as a recording application, when performing DAT > hard drive transfers.

CD Wave is used mostly by seeders (people who perform DAT > SHN conversions). For full installation, instructions, and for the most recent software updates, check out the official CD Wave website at | cd wave nav

Official CD Wave Website


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CD Wave is shareware. This means you can use it in any non-commercial way. You can try it for a period of one month (31 days). If you wish to continue to use it after that period, the author asks that you register. Instructions on how to register are in the help file.

 cdwav173.exe v1.73 with auto-installer - 672KB     
Released 12/21/02

 cdwav172.exe v1.72 with auto-installer - 608KB     
Released 4/26/02

 cdwav171.exe v1.71 with auto-installer - 607KB     
Released 2/14/02    4119 Downloads since 2/14/02

 cdwav162.exe v1.62 with auto-installer - 588KB     
Released 7/25/01    4591 Downloads since 7/25/01 | cd wave docs

For CD Wave documentation, please visit the CD Wave home page. | cd wave tutorial

It's a good idea to read the Help file on splitting, the process of dividing the WAV file into smaller sections. On the menu choose Help > Help contents and under Topics click on "Splitting the file." What you probably want is the Do it yourself section. This is the favoured option if you want to be in complete control of the operation. (Alternatively you can experiment with Auto-split, which splits a WAV file based on gaps of silence in the file.)

Open your WAV file in CD Wave. The top band of the screen shows the wave form for the complete file. The bottom band (larger) shows an enlarged section (which section? - the green indicator between the two bands marks the selected section against the top band). You can change the section displayed in the lower band by clicking anywhere in the top band (complete file).

Essentially you click in the bottom section at the place where you want to split the file. This puts in a vertical white line showing where the split will take place. You can move this to the left or right with the arrow keys, or change your mind and click somewhere else. Play the WAV to make sure you are in exactly the proper place for a track split, usually at the very beginning of each song. When you have decided on the correct place, click on the Split icon near the bottom left of the screen. That's it - you have split the WAV formation into two separate sections. You can go on to add other splits - e.g. in a WAV file of one set of a show you would probably be putting anywhere from 5 to 15 Splits before each song to divide them into individual tracks. You might also want to split off the end of each set after the band is completely finished.

The next step is saving the Split WAV tracks. Go to File > Save and choose a location to save the files, maybe in the same directory as the original. CD Wave will save all the sections in one go. If your original WAV file was ph2002-10-14d1t.wav and you have divided it into 6 sections, they will be saved as ph2002-10-14d1t01.wav, ph2002-10-14d1t02.wav, etc up to ph2002-10-14d1t06.wav. These WAVs will be cut properly on sector boundaries, and besides possibly needing renaming, are ready to be SHN'ed and seeded (along with proper MD5sums and info file).

It is also recomended to split a tiny bit before the end of the WAV file to ensure that every single track is cut on a sector boundary. And if you are seeding shows, you really should be using shntool to check your WAV files for any problems. shntool is available here.

FYI - CD Wave leaves your original parent WAV file intact - the smaller files are copies of sections - so if you make any errors in splitting you still have the original WAV file. | cd wave etcetera

If you plan to use CD Wave after the 31 day trial period, please register it. Registering will encourage the author, Mike Looijmans, to release future updates to this fantastic utility!

For the most recent software and documentation updates, please go to the Official CD Wave website at | cd wave credits

Thanks to Mike Looijmans, the author of CD Wave, for creating such a fantastic piece of software!

Thanks to John Baldry for help with the tutuorial.

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